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Dreams are Just That....

Updated: May 17, 2021

I always use my life experiences as an example, and talk about people that influenced my life. In this case it’s my Grandma and Mother.

My Grandma had so many talents and was super smart in her own right. She did a lot of things in life, but she did not reach her full potential.

I guess you would say “How do you know?” Well she talked a lot about the things she never accomplished and the things she wished she had done.

She sang like nobodies business and we would catch her singing and dancing around the house all the time. She was a seamstress and could upholster your entire living room furniture.

My mom (not my grandma’s daughter) was the same way. She wanted to be a nurse, but she never finished school. I know she would have been the best nurse ever.

One of the things these two women taught me was that it was great to dream. However, they unintentionally taught me that dreams are just that..... a dream.

The thing is, the things they aspired to do was not unattainable. Oftentimes, we allow our environmental factors, and other people’s opinions keep us from reaching our full potential.

I am not saying sit around and and wallow in this concept. I do believe that once you know better- you have the ability to do better.

All I am doing is making a point about a thing that happens and hope I’m making it very clear that there is more.

While my Grandma and Mother were teaching me to dream- I believed that dreams could also come true. I thank God for the many people and images that were around me that confirmed what I believed.

I learned that although life happened and there are things that will take plan while you’re living, you still can pursue your dreams.

No matter the path you begin on, there’s more than one way to get to a destination. Even if you reach a dead end, you can always turn around.

More importantly, its never too late to dream- and it’s never a good enough reason to not make your dreams come true.

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