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Dreams Do Come True

I always like to use my life experiences as a story to tell, and talk about things that I connect with and be transparent.

Today, I will start with my two inspirations and motivations; my Grandma and Mother (aka Ma).

My Grandma had so many talents and was super smart in her own right. She did a lot of things in life, she was a true inspiration.

That woman could cook, dress, sing (no lie like Tina Turner), reupholster your entire home, and make you tinkle yourself laughing at her. She also had the most giving heart.

My mom (not my grandma’s daughter); she was the most organized, clean freak I ever knew(all them grandkids put a dent in that). She is so resourceful and was a true hardworking woman. This woman would work two jobs as find time to clean folks houses to make sure her daughters had what they needed. This woman is my true motivator.

There is no words to describe the way these woman sacrificed and pour into me. Now, of course I cannot sing and I do not enjoy cooking; I hope they know I was taking some notes. I used every other skill they taught me (LOL).

The lessons they taught me are so invaluable and prepared me for when life takes you on some unexpected turns to stay the course and if you reach a dead end, you can always turn around.

While my Grandma and Mother (aka Ma) were teaching me to me some valuable lessons of life, it allowed me to appreciate the passion behind a dream.

And because of them, I am a dream coming true.

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