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I believe the coaching relationship has a unique impact on individuals.  How cool is it to have someone that can inspire, motivate, and hold you accountable?    

Some people make it seem so easy. They tell us “just get over it, go to school, you will get better.”

All of those things are true, but they fail to tell you, how.  They fail to tell you the hard and honest truths.  Instead, I want to tune into that “thing” that is holding you back and call a “thing a thing” so that you can finally move forward and into the life that was designed for you. 

This sounds so cliché, but it is true………

I became a Mindshift & Accountability Coach because I believe that everyone has the desire to make improvements in their lives, and we are always evolving to become our best self. 


The life experiences, working in the field and my Master’s degree taught me the tools and strategies that I have tested and implement with clients over the last 20 years.


  • Self Image

  • Parenting

  • Social Skills

  • Goal Setting

  • Developing Purpose

  • Accountability

  • Identifying Your Passion

  • Happiness & Joy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Now for the gushy stuff......

I am married to the most awesome man of 15 years and counting.  We have an amazing teen son and girl dog who really run our household.  We are from Alabama but reside in Georgia.

My favorite things are glitter and anything sparkling, earrings, taffy candy, and everything Marvel and DC.

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